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Miller's Security residential, commercial, and industrial security needs. Security requirements vary by situation, so we work with you to provide the best security solutions that meet your business needs.



Miller's Security is committed to properly training our security guards to handle a variety of security situations. Our guards and management team are experienced and have law enforcement and military backgrounds.

About Company

Miller's Security Company

Miller's Security Service is a New Hope VA, private security company offering a full range of short and long-term security services for virtually any industry. Whether security patrol or unarmed security, our security company can tailor services to meet your individual security needs.

Our Service

Virginia's Experienced Security Company

With over 25 years of experience in New Hope VA, Moonasar's Security Service is an industry leader in residential and commercial security. Our security guards have the knowledge and skills to perform a wide range of duties. From security patrol to VIP security, our security company has it covered!

Building Security

Miller's Security recognizes the significance of facility protection and security which is why we offer building security services to assist any business in New Hope VA with the necessary safeguards that will keep the premises and its occupants safe, all while protecting its most valuable assets.

Courtesy Patrol Services

When a property does not require 24-hour security presence but could use extra security monitoring during certain hours or days of the week, Miller's Security Security of New Hope VA offers courtesy patrol services designed to meet the specific needs of the client.Courtesy patrol services are a popular choice for vulnerable times

Disaster/Emergency Security

Disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, the safety and security of the general public is of utmost concern. Through coordinated efforts with local law enforcement and disaster relief agencies, a professional security company can provide additional assistance and support when it’s needed most.

Corporate Security

Corporate security is a service geared towards protecting an organization, its intellectual property, technologies, customer data, and staff from internal and external threats.

Doorman Security Services

Hiring a qualified security guard to perform doorman or front desk security duties is ideal for many industries in New Hope VA.

Event Security Services

Hosting a special event requires comprehensive planning and organization to ensure a successful outcome, and a key element to that planning is event security.

Why Choose Us

Miller's Security is a privately owned security guard company servicing Verginia

we provide fully licensed, trained agents and personnel. By providing a total range of security services of different complexities, requirements, and time constraints, with sound judgment we know what is required to fulfill the objective. We invest significant time and resources to obtain and document all information. Account diversification has optimized our experience within every major industry.


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Delivering High-End Security Services

Our team of professional security can help maintain a secure environment for your company and employees.


Our Clients Reviews

“Our roadside construction project was delayed due to COVID-19. Instead of moving all of our heavy equipment and material off-site, just to have to bring it back, we had Miller's Security Service guard the site overnight for two weeks. We didn’t anticipate a high risk of theft, but it was comforting to know we had someone keeping an eye out.
The cost was reasonable as well.”


Jane Doe

“Our building fire alarm system went down for a few days, so we had Miller's Security Service onsite during the outage. The guard rotation was always on time, and they were continuously on the move, watching for signs of smoke and fire. They also checked our exits regularly to make sure escape routes were available among other tasks. I was pleased with the service.”


Jane Doe

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